Pirate Storm Hack v3.5

Pirate Storm Hack v3.5

Pirate Storm Hack is an extremely useful program. With it you will be the ruler of the seas. Best ship it will be your domain. Frigate, a large frigate, the best works are now at your fingertips. Pirate Storm Hack from gamehack.eu is recommended by many parties. It works smoothly and very functional. Storm Pirate Hacks is simple to use, see the movie. Pirate Storm cheats can add the most important things in the game: diamonds and gold. So you can have everything that was mentioned earlier.

Group of testers have it tested, and the tests were successful. Pirate Storm Hack has been already downloaded 500 times and it still works fine.

Hack can:
Add – Diamonds
Add – Gold

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* Updates
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Something about the game.
Pirate Storm is a Facebook game that is released by Bigpoint behind Kultan, Uridium Wars, Ponyrama and Skyrama. The game is redesigned based on Seafight, a very successful browser game takes on high sea battle and fighting.

Conquer your place in a high seas adventure full of action, take on giant sea monsters, pirates feared and legendary treasures! Before you lies a future filled with fame and fortune.

In Pirate Storm, you can sail by left clicking the water and your ship will sail to that location. Keep in mind that your ship cannot sail through land, but donโ€™t worry, your ship will sail around islands automatically.

You can attack the enemy ships by using cannonballs such as Hull breakers, Crew killers, and Sail rippers. While if you want to get some special items, you will have to purchase them via ingame store.

What could frequently happen during your battle is your ships may suffer. Once your ships become vulnerable, you can repair them for free or using paid items for quick finish.

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