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Dino Storm Hack v4.6

Hello everyone, let us show our new product: Dino Storm Hack, but first we shall talk a little bit about some game features. A quite new browser-based, MMO game, Dino Storm that is a unique title where you personate Cowboy on a dinosaur. Dino Storm is a fantasy game without monthly fees or any other payments requires, it is totally free. You can play it on any browser you have, maybe also soon on iOS and android devices. On the first entry into game you will be surprised how cool Splitscreen Studios GmbH present to us Wild West landscapes.

Dino Storm Hack

Something, about Dino Storm Hack v4.6

As you can see game is pretty aesthetic, we can notice perfectly crafted details, however game interface can cause some difficulties for some of you. One of the features game gives you is possibility to ride on dinosaur where additionally you can choose your favorite color, appearance and much more. Players can complete missions but as the main job you need hunt other creatures thanks to which NPC will reward us with petty items. Dino Storm includes very attractive Player vs Player mode, to be honest- it is our favorite aspect of the game hence we really recommend trying it.

Let me introduce our new Dino Storm Hack that should improve your gameplay by far. We just made a Dino Storm Tool with the most important features you can check if you are interested. Software we made allow you to add an unlimited amount of Gold Coins and Dino Dollars. Thanks to them you can improve clothes you wear. Also at one point you can upgrade your dinosaur to make it much stronger than other dinosaurs! Dino Storm Generator is a very powerful software that may bring you on the top of rankings. You donโ€™t need to disable firewall or run it as administrator. Also you should add resources you need in a limited packs of 20000 coins, dollars per hour to make your Dino Storm Cheats invisible to game developers. When everything works fine and you are satisfied, please remember to share this brand new tool with your mates so we can provide more software for you guys!


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  1. Onekar says:

    That I was looking for :). Hack works great.

  2. Matakso says:

    Hack great ๐Ÿ™‚ It works very well.

  3. Nensiso says:

    Oh that’s a wonderful program. Thanks a lot.

  4. Qusterion says:

    Great support. Thanks again for your help in downloading. Hack works very well ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Jupiter says:

    Dino Dino Dino :D. Thanks a lot guys. Hack is very good. It works great.

  6. Debion says:

    I recommend to all. Amazing tool.

  7. Cecil says:

    Great game! With your tool I much more. Thank you.

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