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Submit An Articles Rules:
If anyone interested in helping us and post article, Read the following rules carefully:
1. Search well before you submit
2. First of all preview before submit!
3. all posts should have a screenshot /thumbnail ( 320 px width or less )
4. all links should be clickable.
5. all posts should be in suitable category.

Short Content of the post:
* Screenshot/Cover/Picture (link to image hosting services)
* Short Description

Full Content of the post:
* Screenshot/Cover/Picture (link to image hosting services)
* Full Description (emphasise some key words!)
* Donwload URL (clickable)

• don’t copy/paste from other sites or other author’s posts.
• don’t post duplicate or fake articles.
• don’t post adult articles!
• don’t hotlink images from non image hosting sites
• don’t post if you can’t follow the rules! or you will be banned from posting!

Banning System:
If you don’t observe our rules, So you will be banned from this site.

Note: This text is subject to change at any time.